Baker Trail Maintenance week at Mahoning Reservoir

Spend 1-5 days helping to build a section of the Baker Trail with a Keystone Trails Association Crew

The Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy is hosting a trail maintenance event along a three mile section of the Baker Trail at the Mahoning Dam and Lake near Dayton, PA with the help of the Keystone Trails Association. You’ll meet volunteers from many places, and share time and camaraderie with them. You’ll learn to appreciate Pennsylvania’s hiking trails in a new way, and gain satisfaction knowing that you contributed to this project. You'll be building a trail along a hillside, which can be steep; we will show you how to bench into the hillside to create a stable place to walk. And we don't charge admission.

This beautiful section of trail was roughed in two years ago and is in need of some upgrades. The entire section winds along the steep hillside between private property owners uphill and the lake downhill. Rhododendrons, moss, rocks, and hemlocks surround you. You can sign up for a day or two, or the whole week (camping is optional)! Since we are planing a large work crew and have reserved the pavilion for all meals at the Creek Bend Campground. We need more than just trail maintainers, we also need food preparation help, clean up, and general camp wranglers. Just let us know what your interest and availability is and we will find a way to use your help. The Conservancy is supplying the tools, accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pay showers are available at the campground (bring quarters).


To ensure we have enough food, you must register even if you are only coming for one day. Registration forms will be sent to you if you contact any one of the following: