My Story

My parents spoke often of the AYH and the Baker Trail when I was growing up. That is where they met each other and many dear friends. They told great stories of canoe trips, snowstorms, bike rides, hikes, dances and the beginning of the Baker Trail. Though it was only a few years, they made a lifetime of memories that lived on in their minds. I envied them.

My first experience with the Baker Trail was in 1992 when I went on a hike with Glenn Oster in the Virgin Hemlock section of Cook Forest. It was the most beautiful day that you could imagine. I had never felt that kind of freedom before. I have been helping to maintain trails ever since. I hope to keep the trails in Pennsylvania alive and well so other people can experience that freedom. The good friends come with the trails.

We have ongoing projects on the Baker Trail. If you would like to volunteer, even for a day, contact me at 724-325-3224.