The Challenge Yin and Yang

Rachel Carson Trail Challenge, June 21, 2014

While the morning showers brought slick conditions to the trail, the cool temperatures in the 60s that accompanied them made it, on balance, a favorable day for a long distance hike. Around noon, the clouds began to clear, followed by sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70s.

Nevertheless, numerous hopefuls woke up that morning to steady rain, then went back to bed. They didn't realize it would be unusual for it to rain all day, but it could be overcast all day. A Challenge without the sun beating down on you is often better than a dry trail.

For the 34-mile Full Challenge, we had 557 participants scan out at Harrison Hills Park, and 475 or 85.3% made it to North Park within the official time of 15 hours, 4 minutes. The weather clearly helped us return to a typical completion rate after a multi-year low of 71% last year.

For the 17-mile Homestead Challenge, we had 196 participants scan out at Springdale High School, and 191 or 97.4% reached North Park. Of those, 164 (83.7%) made it within the official time of 7 hours, 39 minutes.

For the 7-mile Friends & Family Challenge, 22 groups set out from Hartwood Acres Park, and all made it to North Park.

The raffle was held for Donna Stolz's wonderful quilt and it was won by six-time Challenger Mark Taylor from North Huntingdon, PA. Congratulations, Mark!

Special thanks to our fantastic volunteer crew: Ashley Aller, Joyce Appel, John Armstrong, Alex Baker, Joanie Baker, Brian Bartsch, Robert Bastone, Mary Bates, Thomas Bates, Lisa Beers, Stephen Beers, Donna Bird, Lynn Bourchier, Erica Bowlin, Gary Boyd, Alex Britt, Chrystal Browning, Ralph Browning, Patty Brunner, Leslie Buchwald, Reanna Buzza, Sheri Buzza, Wesley Camdon, John Cancro, Todd Chambers, David Colledge, Scott Creveling, Jim Crist, Mike Dailey, Arwen Davis, Joyce Davis, Pat Demko, Eric Deutsch, Suzy Deutsch, Gabriel Diamond, Bill Dietrich, Patricia Eckels, Sue English, Don Erdeljac, Kristen Esposito, Dwight Fox, Rita Garvey, Robert Habegger, David Halverstadt II, Joan Harvey, Paul Henry, Andrew Hertsenberg, Jerry Hoffman, Jim Holloway, John Hoover, Mark Hoover, Wendy Houston, John Italiano, Keith Jackson, Nathaniel Kern, Lauren Kester, Chris Klemens, Jason Kodat, Rhett Landry, Tom Loebig, Bruce MacLeod, Kristen Madera, Nick Mance, Janice Marco, David McConahy, Joyce McConahy, Rob Mitchell, Denice Morrow, Bob Mulshine, Tom Neff, Sarah Nicholas, Jim Painter, Ben Primis, Diane Procter, Jay Rajgopal, Brendan Redler, Denise Ropelewski, Frank Russo, Jeff Sarabok, Jen Sarabok, Gail Schlichtkrull, Ken Schlichtkrull, Linda Shaffer, Susan Shages, Charles Sheppard, Andrea Shymatta, Debbie Smiga, Erin Steer, John Stephen, Anastasia Stolz, Donna Stolz, John Stolz, David Syiek, Courtney Thomas, Doug Turner, Linda Turyan, Evelyn Tyan, Sophia Van Gorder, Lisa Verdi, Bob Vickers, Erin Wagner-Haggerty, Nicole Ward, Amanda Webb, Mary Jo Weber, Mary Whitman, Linda Xenophontos, and Carol Zellars.

And our sponsors & supporters:

  • UPMC
  • Elite Runners & Walkers
  • Emergency Physicians of Alle-Kiski
  • Bob 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
  • Doug and Carol MacPhail
  • DBStolz
  • Pytlik Design
  • A-K Pulser Paramedic Response Unit
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