Trail Work: Harrison Hills Park

The first weekend in October: trail work!

On Sunday, October 3, in Harrison Hills Park, we will focus on the trail between the Bobwhite Shelter and the Rainbow Bridge. This section is very wet and not in good shape.  Some people that did the Challenge in the early days pointed out that the trail used to run another way.  We are going to use that old route to get around the bad section. Details are as follows:

  • Timeframe: Sunday, Oct 3, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
  • Location (updated): meet in the big parking lot just past the Rachel Carson Shelter. We will enter the woods behind the Broken Branch Shelter.  When you drive into the park stay right at the fork. The parking lot is at the end of the paved road. Click here for directions.
  • Scope of work: remove low vegetation to make a travel corridor, address blazing and signage, correct water issues with grade reversals and grade dips.

Similar to the North Park project, while no advanced sign up or registration is required, we recommend sending an email to to indicate your attendance. This will help us to better prepare for the event.

COVID / Safety for both North Park and Harrison Hills projects: 
There will be plenty of opportunity to keep distance between the volunteers. We expect everyone to use their own judgement on how to stay safe. We recommend good boots that can keep you steady while moving on uneven surfaces. Bring work gloves. Bring food and drink. We will be working through the traditional lunch hour so plan to stop, eat, drink and rest during the work session.