Planting wildflower seeds

Planting wildflower seeds

Join us as we plant wildflower seeds on the Harmony Trail in Wexford

Update: registration for this event is at maximum capacity. 

Columbia gas has graciously donated 16 pounds of native wildflower seed to the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy (RCTC) to use along our Harmony Trail in Wexford, PA.  RCTC is offering two ways to participate in the seed planting: as a group or as an individual. The group project will take place the weekend of April 10th and 11th.  If you wish to plant seeds on your own you may do so anytime in April. Both options require registration as we have a limited amount of seed. 

Details: The group project involves tilling and planting seed around the parking lot on Route 910.  We will target getting that done on the weekend of April 10 and 11 but be flexible if weather is a problem (Last freeze is usually before 4/15 in this area).  The individual project (family units, couples or friends can join together to function as an individual) can be done any time during the first half of April.  We will count up the number of volunteers, assign each an area of the Harmony Trail.  Give each a quantity of seed along with some instruction.  The seed can be planted anytime you want and any way you want.  We would like to know the impact of the project.  We ask that each individual write up observations of how and when they planted the seed.  We ask that they visit the location they seeded during the following months and let us know which flowers came up.  We will set up a site for people to share pictures.  If volunteers want to we will help with collecting seeds in the fall from the successful plants.  We will use those seeds to do another project in 2022.

We will give any of the volunteers who want to participate a small quantity of seeds while supply lasts.  We encourage them to plant the seed at their home and observe how well they do.  As flowers come up at their home perhaps they can check the trail to see if the same flower was successful there.  In the fall volunteers can collect the seeds from the plants they liked best and either donate them back to RCTC or use them to increase their garden.

COVID safety measures:  The group project will be conducted with everyone either being adequately spaced or masked or both.  The individual project will allow people to work on their own.  Volunteers will be given the option to pick up the seed or have it dropped off.  The sections of trail that each volunteer is assigned will be far enough apart that contact should not be an issue.

Equipment: There is no requirement for equipment but if someone had a tiller we could use for the group project by the parking lot it would make things a lot easier.

Experience:  No experience is necessary.  People with gardening experience are encouraged to help out as that would help to ensure that more of the seed will be successful.

Questions? Contact Donna Stolz, RCTC Volunteer Coordinator or Bob Mulshine of the Harmony Trail Committee.