Goats on the Harmony Trail

Goats on the Harmony Trail

Lovable goats versus invasive knotweed!

A herd of goats and their companion donkey are coming to the Harmony Trail in Wexford! They arrive on Sunday, September 13 and stay through Wednesday, September 23.  We encourage you to visit them anytime during daylight hours. The goats will be contained by a portable electric fence. Do not touch the fence. While it's not designed to cause injury, it will provide an uncomfortable shock. The goats are joined by a donkey who serves to protect them from coyotes and curious dogs.

The goats are here to eat plants, particularly the invasive knotweed that dominates the trail hillside. You're probably used to seeing large swaths of knotweed along our roads and streams. Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy (RCTC) has been working hard to contain the spread of this plant. Unchecked knotweed will take over and kill off most of the varied plant life.

RCTC and some related organizations will be sponsoring family hikes, runs and activities to coincide with their visit on our trail.  Watch for additional information on our website, Facebook, Instagram and other local news sources.

If you would like to organize a hike, do a morning check on the goats or brush the donkey, contact Bob Mulshine 412-741-0862.

Directions to the Harmony Trail:

  1. The Harmony trailhead parking lot is on Route 910 in Pine Township, across from Brennan Road. Directions to the trailhead parking lot.  The goats will be roughly 0.5 miles from the trailhead. 
  2. Via the Rachel Carson Trail: head to the Brooktree Office Center in Wexford and park at the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce building. (Park on the far end of the lot, furthest from the building) The trailhead is reached by walking past the dumpster to the trail in the woods. Follow the blazes in the woods down a semi-steep but winding path and over the Marian Crossman foot bridge. The Harmony Trail is only a quarter of a mile from where you parked.