The Rachel Carson Trail Challenge

The Rachel Carson Trail Challenge

The June 20th event will not take place.

We expect it's no surprise to you that the continuing reality of COVID-19 has made it virtually impossible to stage the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge this year. We believe the government restriction on large gatherings will remain through the summer, but even if it's relaxed it would be too difficult to devise and maintain sanitary protocols on the buses, at the checkpoints, at the picnic, and along a crowded single-track trail.

Consequently, it's our sad duty to inform  you that  we've cancelled the 2020 Challenge.

Because of the tenuous financial situation some now face, we changed our refund policy for this year. Every participant is eligible for a full refund (100%) of the entry fee. You can manually request a refund now, or wait until June when it will be issued automatically.

We are charged about $3 in electronic processing fees for each entry. When you manually request a refund, you may specify less than a full refund to help us cover this expense and to support our efforts to maintain, improve, and extend our trails. (You'll also earn donation karma for any difference!) Please consider contributing if you can afford it, but it's okay if you can't.  An email went out to all registered participants. Within that email there is a refund link.

Everyone who registered for the 2020 Rachel Carson Trail Challenge will be given 250 karma -- the same amount that would have been earned had they participated in the Challenge -- in order to provide an advantage in the selection process of the next Challenge.


Q. Why not postpone?

A. We considered rescheduling for later in September, but concluded that the uncertainty of the situation combined with the changes we'd need to make to the event to account for less daylight makes it impractical.

Q. Can I defer my entry to next year to keep my spot?

A. No. We decided that would be too complicated given the many things in a person's life that could change between now and then.

Q. Can I still get a shirt?

A. Sorry, we won't be producing a shirt this year.

Q. I withdrew earlier and was only eligible for a partial refund. Can I get a full refund?

A. Yes, please contact us at

Q. Will the Challenge next year end in North Park or Harrison Hills Park?

A. The Challenge alternates direction each time, so the next Challenge will be in the same direction that was planned for this year (ending in North Park).