Harmony Trail

Harmony Trail

Construction: July through September on the Harmony Trail in Wexford.

The local power company is going to replace the poles that carry wires the length of the Harmony Trail starting this week or next.  The work is expected to last until early September.  We recommend that you avoid the trail while it is a construction site.  It is likely that the power company will use the parking lot at Route 910 (pictured), which they own, as a staging area for the work they are doing along the trail and the work they are doing going north to Warrendale.

The poles along the trail are very tall so substantial equipment will be needed to erect the replacements.  The power company will be doing prep work to protect the trail and the rest of the environment prior to bringing in the equipment.  There will be work done after the poles are replaces to return everything to how it was.  We will all need to be patient while this complicated project moves through to completion.

The Conservancy will post a notice when the work is completed and everyone is free to use the trail safely again.

If you have questions or concerns contact bob.mulshine@rachelcarsontrails.org

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