Baker Trail UltraChallenge 2018

Registration is open for the Saturday, August 25th, event. Read more!

The Baker Trail Ultra Challenge is a 50-mile footrace.  You may do it solo or create a relay team. The races starts in Summerville, PA, and ends in Plumville, PA.  This year’s course includes 16 miles of trail and 34 miles of road. Most of the road segments are paved, but there are some gravel and dirt roads.

Our Event Information page has loads of information covering aspects of running the race solo and as a relay team.

Relay teams are a fun way to tackle the 50 miles! Teams have 14 hours to complete the course.  If your team can maintain a 16-minute mile pace, you’ll be fine!  You may have up to five people on a team. Here’s how the relay legs break down:

Leg 1:  11.3 miles

Leg 2:  10 miles

Leg 3:  7.7 miles

Leg 4:  9.1 miles

Leg 5:  11.9 miles 

View the Registration Page to see who has registered or to get yourself (and your team!) registered.

There are many volunteer opportunites, including some Baker Trail Work Days as well as Event Day help that is needed. Check out our Events Page for more information on the Work Days.