Participant Agreement

The Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy (RCTC) believes in and values just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive trail experiences. RCTC is committed to these principles for everyone’s enjoyment of our trails and all trails. We strive to better include those who experience barriers to trails by prioritizing equitable solutions to ensure all can connect to and care for our trails in a way that is meaningful. The RCTC welcomes input from trail users on how we can improve our efforts towards this mission.

In joining all Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy hikes and events, you become part of the RCTC community and agree to these rules.

• Be respectful of all other hikers.
• Refrain from commenting on another hiker’s appearance, body, or performance.
• Be mindful of the volume and content of your conversation.
• Be mindful of your physical proximity to fellow hikers. Please keep a courteous distance.
• Don't engage in any behavior that might make another hiker uncomfortable.
• Be open to helping your fellow hikers once given consent. Ask if they want assistance before insisting on helping.
• Don't arrive to a hike/event intoxicated or on any mind-altering substance or make use of such substances while hiking.
• If you find that another hiker is bothering you or making inappropriate comments or actions, locate one of the RCTC volunteers identified at the beginning of the hike and ask them for assistance immediately.
• If you leave a hike/event early or separate yourself from the group, you'll be on your own. In neither case can the RCTC be responsible for assisting you in returning to your vehicle.

Failure to adhere to these rules can result in being asked to leave the hike/event and barred from future RCTC events.